So You Want To Watch Supernatural

So I started watching Supernatural a good six months ago… and no one warned me about any of it. So I’m going to tell you all the things I wish I’d known before I ever got involved:

First off, it’s bad. Most of the fans won’t admit it, but from any kind of critical perspective, it’s mediocre AT BEST. Writing, acting, story arc, dialogue – some parts are downright laughable.

You’ll be caught up with criticizing it, laughing at the dramatic pauses, questioning every decision made, scoffing at their catchphrases (fantasy-drama shows are NOT ALLOWED catchphrases). You’ll watch a few episodes, wondering what the fuss is about, why anyone would take this so seriously.

You’ll sit through a few more episodes, still groaning and giggling.

You’ll be so busy watching it like someone would watch a train wreck that you won’t notice you’re slipping into the utter chaos and madness that is the Supernatural fandom. By the time you realize you’re too deep in it, you can’t climb back out, so you try to just keep your head down and make it to the other side. But it never stops. You’ll never quit.

You’d never believe it, but in two months these characters will be your phone wallpaper. You will quote the show and laugh to yourself. You’ll watch every cast interview ever filmed, you’ll join write-in campaigns to save your favorite character, you’ll watch everything else the actors ever did. You’ll have fierce arguments with people across oceans and deserts about the sexuality and romantic interests of all the characters, and you’ll start scheduling your life around watching the next new episode. The episodes that made you cringe are now your favorites.

Through all of this, you’ll know: it’s still bad. The acting didn’t get any better, the writers are still poking their noses over the fourth wall and dropping back down, giggling to themselves. But you don’t care anymore. You can never go back.

Supernatural: Not Even Once.


3 thoughts on “So You Want To Watch Supernatural

  1. MF March 3, 2013 / 3:49 AM

    OK, now I know why you’re not in Hollywood writing a weekly or daily column. You pick EVERYTHING to pieces and they’d throw you out of the city and probably the state.

  2. thecorngoblin March 3, 2013 / 4:20 AM

    My sister’s been trying to get me to watch this show for half a year now, and I’ve yet to be able to pull myself passed the terrible cover on netflix to watch s01e01. Thanks for the warning. I had a similar experience for the first season of once upon a time… until they had an episode about fairies…

    • Hannah March 3, 2013 / 4:40 AM

      Oh yeah, SPN’s got two fairy episodes. xD

      I know someone who was really into Once Upon a Time – she’s not allowed to mock me for watching anything with bad acting or dialogue now. ^_^

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