I’m Old Greeeeeegggg!

The title of this post is because I was reminded of Old Gregg twice today, on two separate occasions: the first when I was reading Leviticus out of boredom, and noticed the rather silly repetition of “I am the LORD” after quite a few laws. So every time I read that line, I thought of Noel Fielding shouting “I’m Old Gregggg!” The second time was when my mother told me to look up this Youtube thing called “Old Gregg”, and I was rather taken aback, as I thought I had heard of it before she did. I was mistaken. I was also delighted to discover that “The Funk”, a running joke at her job, was in fact a Mighty Boosh reference as well. I never made the connection.

I actually started this post for a completely different reason, but now that I’ve written this far, I’m just going to do another post for that rant.

Anyway. I was off my medication this week!!! BUT it wasn’t because I was being a dork. It was actually required. I did not do well this week; I was so used to NOT being horribly depressed and body-claustrophobic and obsessive, I had forgotten how really awful it is. I’m desperately hoping it will go back to normal once the meds stabilise. I was really getting used to being trusted around pencils.

Oh! Here’s something mildly interesting: I may be auditioning for American Idol this year. I say “may” because my family and friends have the collective planning capacity of a small rodent, and seeing as I cannot drive (or audition without a “legal guardian” or whatever), I get to pass the blame on them. ^_^

I have gained about 30ish pounds since last year. And have not gotten taller. This saddens me a little, but the visual difference is not huge, so I get to slack off a little while longer.

I’ve been watching a lot of British television lately, and I’m having a harder and harder time going back to the American stuff. I’m really starting to love things NOT blowing up every five minutes, genuinely witty dialogue, and non-heterosexuality being offhandedly referred to as something normal and barely worth mentioning, unlike American TV which treats it like a zoo exhibit.

I’m gonna go do the other rant while I still remember it.


One thought on “I’m Old Greeeeeegggg!

  1. Laura Lindsay July 8, 2011 / 10:59 PM

    Do you love me? Are you playin’ your love games with me? LOL!!!!!!

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