my facebook is history – i think

Well, after spending last night preparing, getting phone numbers and explaining why, I finally did it: I got rid of the addiction of my Facebook account.

Now, deleting a Facebook account is not like deleting a Myspace account. I am informed that it will be deleted sometime within the next 14 days, which means I still have the opportunity to back out. All this means is, I have to stay away from Facebook.

What really irritated me is that they required me to tell them WHY I was leaving (this was required with account deactivation, not deletion, but it still made me a little mad). Why should Mr. Zuckerberg and his little cronies know why I don’t want to use their stupid site anymore?

But anyway. I really am realizing how much of an addiction it was (and still is). I keep getting this feeling of “what’s the point…”, and it was a SOCIAL NETWORKING WEBSITE. I cannot BELIEVE how much it’s still affecting my way of thinking. I am tied to it. I had the iPhone app, I had the iPad app, I can’t believe I didn’t have a tshirt that said “I ❤ Facebook" or something like that.

And what kills me is, it wasn't even making me happy. Reading a bunch of idiots posting their life stories and their plans for the night and their love lives… this did not fulfill me. It did not add to my life. It made me ragingly furious that morons like that EXIST.

And I was ONE OF THEM. I was a moron just like them. I took advantage of the fact that I thought someone might be listening, and I poured out all the crap no one wanted to hear in real life. Worse even, I was the political/religious poster. I used Facebook as my soapbox to aggravate people into attacking me, so I could attack them back.

But I couldn't attack them back. I knew in the back of my mind that I had to interact with these people politely in real life, so what I saw as war I had to disguise as tea and cookies.

And people hated me. I was the little blip in their blissful, everyone-agrees-with-me existence. I DID get attacked. And it made me so miserable I realized I had to get out, and I thought the solution was mindblowingly simple: stop arguing.

But even after I made this resolution, I started escalating. I started attacking first. I started condescending and insulting and doing all the things I never wanted to.

That wasn't the only reason: I decided I didn't want so much information out on the interwebs (even though I'm sure it's still there somewhere). Like I said, I poured my life into that site. You break into my Facebook, you know my deepest darkest secrets.

So last night, as I was having a completely inane argument with a "friend" of mine… I finally accepted that it had to go. I couldn't live like this anymore.

So I won't.

Starting today, I'm not tying myself to crap like that anymore. I'm not cutting myself off; I'm reentering the human race.

Come join me – it's not as hard as you think.


One thought on “my facebook is history – i think

  1. Vern March 15, 2011 / 11:23 AM

    Hi Hannah – I won’t bother to change what the cookies pre-populated here for me –! Did you know about that site? I have over 30 sites now, and I think you know about 3 of them. Better that way. Muahahahaha

    I came to the same conclusion about facebook – it sucks my time away from real life. Real life meaning, interacting face to face with people. The computer is good for a lot of things – and making $ is one of them. Socializing ISN’T one of them.

    I wasn’t big on myspace before either… facebook is the ultimate time sucker though. I can see calling it an addiction – it really can be. Instead of putting yourself out there and talking to real human beings – using your voice… it’s so much easier to write notes, right?

    I think so.

    Well, I don’t have a TV. I dont’ have facebook – sort of – I re-joined to stay in some kind of contact with Justin, as he is nowhere else. Doesnt’ answer phone. Doesn’t do email.

    Hannah, you are lightyears ahead of 98% of those residing in Pennsylvania. I dont’ know how to say that without making you feel different. You’re NOT different – from the rest of us – with minds, with the ability to choose for ourselves… with the ability to reason stuff out and pick what’s right for us.

    You’re different from those that live their lives in PA though. Rest assured.

    Maybe that’s why you’re bent on Cali.

    I think great – go for a while, see what it’s like.

    If there’s one thing I wish I could do with you, your uncle D, your mom, steven, emma, jude, etc… it’s – break you guys all out of western PA for a year and show you life in another country.

    I think you would benefit most Hannah since you have a mind of your own. Meaning, you haven’t signed it away to a god you’ve never met or known.

    God I want the best for you – you know?

    The best experiences in life… and a wide variety of experience. There’s heaps to see anywhere outside PA you feel like going.

    I really hope I get back to PA this year. Would be awesome to see you.

    Keep posting here – I love to read it all!

    I’ll write you back on email – soon as my wrist stops hurting. Repetitive stress injury building in my right wrist.

    Cheers Hannah!


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