Hi, teenager.

Yes, he/she broke up with you.

Yes, you’re mad at your parents.

Yes, she talked about you behind your back.

Yes, he gave you a C for your sloppy homework and yes, you got grounded.

Yes, he/she was using you and you refused to listen to the people who realized it.


No, you don’t have a terrible life.

No, you don’t love your girlfriend or boyfriend of a month.

No, he/she doesn’t love you either.

No, you don’t have to cut yourself so people will listen. Yes, you have to actually speak up.

No, you’re not the next American Idol.

No, you don’t deserve preferential treatment from everyone you meet.


Hormones are temporary, AIDS is forever.

Overweight doesn’t mean ugly.

Fidelity is a good thing.

You’re responsible for your happiness.

A minute’s worth of foolish words can ruin an week’s worth of silence.

Your life isn’t over until you die.


People lie.

Words hurt.

Now get up,

and do something about it.


4 thoughts on “Hi, teenager.

  1. Rants&Randomness February 5, 2011 / 3:42 PM

    Oh my gosh:) This is so true. And that made my day. ‘Cause I know alot of people like this even though I too am a teenager I realize these things more…

  2. Laura Lindsay February 5, 2011 / 6:45 PM

    So good!

  3. Laura Lindsay February 26, 2011 / 7:02 AM

    Read it again just now. I really really like this one.

  4. Vern March 15, 2011 / 11:32 AM

    There is more junk to overcome in your teens – and you are less prepared for it – than at any other time in the entire span of your life Hannah.

    Once you get to my age – or, my world experience level – whichever comes first – you’ll be blowing off the most serious attacks on you, slights, scams, etc.

    But, if someone cuts in front of me in the car and almost kills me and my family – well, that person might regret that for the rest of their lives. lol. muahhahahhahahah.

    It’s awesome that you realize that life basically sucks – and that you have to roll with it. There is nothing else you can do. Just get through your teens Hannah – and then watch as your intellect slays everything false.

    You know your mom is bizarrely smart. Your dad? Not sure, he either talks a good game, or he’s brilliant like your mom. hahaha. Sorry Alex, don’t know you that well. I think it’s safe to say you weren’t born a dolt. Let’s assume that… I go further than that. I assume you are superwoman and you have a mind that can conquer everything you encounter. I see it in your writing…. I think you’ll actually like life once you feel comfortable where you are, doing what you want to do.



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