even MORE youth group stuff!!

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So I’ve had this opinion for a long time, but never thought to blog about it. =D But now I has!

So my theory is incredibly simple. So simple I bet you’ve had this thought too, if you’re in a youth group.

It is: kids retain information far better when it’s given in a conversation rather than a lecture.

If my mother tells me what I have for school tomorrow, I will never remember. But if we discuss it, and maybe I pick some things I want to do, I end up remembering a lot more.

It’s very easy for me to tune out a lecture, sermon, or rant. I’ll listen to the first twentyish words, then I lose it and start writing in a notebook or my brain zones out completely. Honestly, most weeks I could not tell you what the youth group sermon was about the next day.

And you have to realize why people come to a youth group. Sometimes it’s not even to listen to the sermon or the music… sometimes it’s a desire to be heard and recognized, by peers or by adults.

We did something like this a long time ago on Sundays, a kind of group talk, but it was stopped a long time ago and I don’t know why.

So my suggestion is, make at LEAST a week out of the month a “discussion night.” I’m not saying let the group run wild, I’m saying to guide a discussion or even just ask questions of the group.

And I know it’s a power trip to be up front preaching, but maybe a better way to make people feel included would be to sit in a circle – make everyone feel like equals.

I, personally, would make EVERY week a discussion week, but I know a lot of preachers don’t like to give up preaching. ^_^

So make people feel like they belong, like they’re contributing, and most importantly, let them know people are listening.


3 thoughts on “even MORE youth group stuff!!

  1. nonny November 15, 2010 / 10:52 AM

    Interesting what you have to say about youth groups. I for one can see the discussion group as a good thing. Maybe a shortened time preaching, –only because you don’t want to preach so much –they no longer are listening. But Hannah there is a lot of information in the preaching too. Sometimes there is no other way to share that information.

  2. Mummy November 17, 2010 / 8:55 PM


  3. Mike Fook December 8, 2010 / 7:59 PM

    I liked this…

    “And I know it’s a power trip to be up front preaching, but maybe a better way to make people feel included would be to sit in a circle – make everyone feel like equals.”


    It’s part of why many people become preachers, or start their own church or religion… or become teachers at a high school or university. Where else do you get to spout off and others must listen?

    I agree about conversations. They are probably a couple hundred percent more effective at helping people learn. If you’re dynamically involved and thinking about the subject of the conversation from more angles than just what you’re hearing through your ears – you’ll retain a lot more.

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