paul washer – the man, the legend, the atheist creator

Look up Paul Washer on Youtube, and you’ll see what I’m about to talk about… his “shocking sermon.”

The first time I saw it, I was horrified. I talked to my mother, I talked to my friends. I didn’t know what to do. Basically, he’s saying “do precisely and exactly what the bible tells you or get the hell out of church.” And you know what? I got the hell out of church!

So this time around, watching this sermon? I love it! I’m eating popcorn and laughing my head off! The man is absolutely destroying the delicate balance the Christian church has come up with to get people hooked, and he’s doing it in the name of the bible! Doesn’t he know the point of the church and the bible itself?

Christianity is like alcohol. You get a high off of it, so you do it over and over again. You spend money on it. You start changing your life so you can get more of it. Pretty soon you’re on the street holding a sign because of it. It infects your life and dulls your mind, and you get very good at defending the nonsense of it all.

But this guy… he’s one of the few who really turn it into an art form. He’s so hooked, he’s so addicted, that he really, truly, honestly believes that everyone else is smoking it the wrong way. What is “the wrong way”? Can you write a letter to Santa the wrong way? Can you search for Atlantis the wrong way?

I’m not sure if he doesn’t understand the ways Christianity has of getting people to believe (e.g., making people feel good about themselves and not making them change their lifestyle), or if he DOES understand, but still thinks it’s all true. and the CHURCH is just the liar (as opposed to the entire system).

Anyway. I foresee many ruffled feathers in response to this particular post, but these things will happen.


2 thoughts on “paul washer – the man, the legend, the atheist creator

  1. Mummy November 5, 2010 / 5:34 PM

    I started watching him, but had to turn off. Felt a little bit Fred Phelps and I’m not sure why. My computer’s hot and slow and shutting down periodically. I’ll try to find a written version of it instead.

  2. Vern December 8, 2010 / 8:16 PM

    I’ll look, I’ll look! You’ve got me all excited about this guy…

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