it’s been a while since i last said anything…

Hellos, internet, I just realized I have been silent for about a week. So hi! How is everyone?

As for me, I was sick, which is mostly why I haven’t been blogging lately. Didn’t feel like saying “I’m sick and have nothing else to say” for 4+ days straight.

So here I am, still with nothing to say, but saying it anyway!

I’m a little embarrassed that I now have the song from the trailer for that movie “Burlesque.” As pathetic as it may sound, I really want to see the movie… and the music’s awesome.

So yeah. I came up with this whole sex-and-pregnancy ritual thing for one of my planets, which means I can consider this a productive day, at least as far as writing goes. This poor planet is getting REALLY government-controlled, right down to child-producing laws – women must have 3+ kids by age 35. I could explain more, but I don’t want to go into the whole planetary system.

I wish I could write another song. I wrote one a couple days ago that was like a cross between 3oh!3 and Adam Lambert. It was great. Nothing like anything I’ve ever written before.

Debating whether or not to go out for Halloween. Here’s a question: by what ago do you consider trick-or-treating inappropriate?

I better stop writing before I start explaining planetary governments and population laws. xD Bye everyone!


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