even MORE politics. sort of.


I reread this particular chapter in one of my favorite religion/philospohy books, God Vs. The Bible, about deism. I was thinking about this chapter today because I know there’s a pro-embryo day of silence going on at the moment.

Why do I say “pro-embryo”? Most pregnancies are aborted early on, when the baby isn’t even classified as a “fetus”, much less a sentient human being deserving more consideration than the parent.

Why be pro-choice? (Pro-choice doesn’t mean you have to like abortion – I find it distasteful, but sometimes necessary.) Well, a lot of choicers and lifers (hereafter referred to as “C” and “L” to save my fingers some typing) alike will bring up the subject of rape/incest abortions. The C side will ask, “So how on earth do you defend the pro-life angle when 12-year-old girls are being raped and impregnated?” The L side, of course, has the standard reply, “The rape is the first assault on the girl, the abortion is the second!”

It’s not. Medical abortions can be as simple as taking a pill or getting a shot. However, if you remove the legality of a medical abortion, rates of abortion stay relatively the same (you can thank Wikipedia for that tidbit of knowledge!). How many hysterical little girls would YOU force to choose between a coathanger abortion or a painful childbirth, in which she could die?

I’m sorry for the morbidity, but I can’t think of a way to say it any lighter or politer. Little girls are molested and impregnated. I would give pretty much anything to be able to stop it, but as it is, it happens. And because it happens, abortions wil remain necessary.

And then there’s the rest of abortions. The women who knowingly, willingly, legally, had sex and are now looking for a way out.

I do not look fondly on those women, frankly. Sorry if you don’t like that, but it’s true. I think abortion is a cowardly out for someone who knew exactly what she was doing.

However, again, abortion rates stay relatively constant no matter the legality of said action; the only thing that changes is the death rate of women attempting an abortion. (70,000 a year, I think the stat was… again, Wikipedia. If I’m wrong, let me know.)

So abortion is disgusting, somewhat sad, but a necessary evil in almost any culture.

These are my thoughts – what are yours?


2 thoughts on “even MORE politics. sort of.

  1. Hannah October 20, 2010 / 12:10 PM

    *ahem* Typo on “philosophy”… sorry bout that.

  2. Mike Fook December 8, 2010 / 9:11 PM

    One need only look at the hordes of idiots and assholes that have kids to understand that abortion is the best alternative to having a child that the parents either can’t – or won’t take care of. If the parents are not willing to give every ounce of energy to help their kid grow up in a wonderful way – they shouldn’t be allowed to have kids.

    State institutions are NOT a viable alternative to allowing idiots to have kids. Abortion is the only way.

    I’d like to set it up so that anyone that wants to have a kid – can apply for it. You could not have a kid if you were:

    1. An idiot.
    2. An ass.
    3. Addicted to something other than coffee.
    4. A bigot.
    5. A homophobe.
    6. A religious zealot that was going to brainwash your child with the same shite you were brainwashed with.
    7. Not able to provide a home for you and your child.

    Well, the list would go on for about 280 items or so… In fact, that’s a great idea for a blog post at MikeFook.com!

    Agreed – abortion IS disgusting. It’s something I’d rather not think about – or have a pro-opinion toward. There is no better alternative though. It’s like choosing between pickled rat and buggered hamster if you’re starving. What kind of choice is that? You see what I’m saying?

    Unfortunately, under god’s infinite wisdom and perfect plan, we were given guys that rape, and girls that can have babies at 11 years old. Abortion is a helluva decision – but, if you are going to birth a baby whose father raped you – come on people, is there any other alternative than abortion?

    Otherwise you’re going to sentence that kid to a hellish life.

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