the inevitable political post

Ah, politics. The bane and meaning of my existence, all rolled into one.

My problem is when I’m asked things like, “what party are you?” or “are you conservative or liberal?” or “so who would you vote for?”

The answers? “My own”, “neither”, and “none”.

I’ll explain these answers, in reverse order.

Firstly, voting is a drop in the ocean. To all those people who vote because it’s their “duty”, or because they think it actually means something… who are you kidding? The majority will rule, as it always does. Then the candidate does nothing he/she promises, and things go on pretty much like they always have. (Well, except for the Patriot Act – who passed THAT one?? Oh right… President Bush.)

Then there’s the problem of “conservative or liberal”. MY problem with those labels is, I am very strongly supportive of gun freedom and gay marriage at the same time. That excludes the possibility of being able to say “I’m liberal” or “I’m conservative”, because I disagree with liberals’ stance on gun control and conservatives’ stance on gay rights/marriage/”agenda”/whatever you want to call it. xD So there’s that issue.

Democrat and Republican have the same basic problem – I disagree with both on very important issues.

So the labelling goes out the window, for me at least.

So what am I? I am a reasonably intelligent human being who feels no need to tie herself to a particular group of people, to THEIR thoughts and ideals rather than my own, to THEIR words and personal controversies.


So does anyone else have this problem? Or I should probably expand the question to this: What political stance, if any, do you take, and if none, why not?


One thought on “the inevitable political post

  1. Mike Fook December 8, 2010 / 9:32 PM

    Political stance?


    Either you put your heart, soul, and mind, into changing things politically – or, you’re doing nothing but wasting your time. If you’re not out trying to change the world – but, you’re casting your one vote – you’re nothing. You’re not helping anything. You’re a pawn.

    People that get all revved up about politics – and don’t do squat about it – are just filling their minds with nonsense. Politics is one of the great thought traps. Religion being the other, bigger one.

    If you’re not out campaigning yourself and trying to actively change people’s views on things that can be voted on – you’re doing nothing. If you listen to talk radio about it – and you talk to all your friends about it – and don’t make it your life – you’re not affecting anything.

    To really change the world – become active, get involved, make it your life – or shut the hell up. Find something else to feign concern about – like god.

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