halloween, friendship, music, and standardized testing.

Hello, all who read this. *yawn* I just spent ten minutes trying to replicate Marilyn Manson’s makeup – didn’t really work out.

Why, you ask? Well, I’ve got to keep my options open for Halloween – running out of time and ideas for costumes. Trying to figure out whether to dress for the group I’m walking around with, or the town in which I’m walking. It’s a tough call.

So I can go three ways: cute, scary, or sexy – the latter would be a VERY mild form of it, as my town is full of children. xD But it’s still an option, as I’m walking with people my age and older.

So that’s Halloween.


Recently I’ve been trying to rekindle old friendships and make new ones. I haven’t been trying as hard as I should be, but it’s something, I guess.

I made some unexpected new friends, and started talking to some people I haven’t seen in a while. I miss everyone. I think I’ll always miss people, even if we’re best friends. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m just in a lonely mood lately.

So that’s friendships.


I found some awesome new tunes. =D A band called Eisley – amaazing lead singer. I want to be able to make melodies like that. They’ve inspired me to write… even though I have no muse right now. 😦

So that’s music.


And finally – I took the PSAT today!!! It was amazing. SO much more fun and relaxed than last year. for some reason I had it stuck in my head last year that the PSAT would affect my future. This year, I know it really doesn’t, so I had a really good time. The math was actually enjoyable – I felt more free to guess and make up my own formulas and equations and generally screw around with numbers until something seemed to fit. And I’m MUCH more laid back this year about…. well… everything. ^_^ I think I did really well on the reading/writing section, but whatever I score it doesn’t really matter. (I’ll obviously be a little more serious on the SAT. xD)




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