“she glanced this way, i thought i saw…”

I sit in a misery that began with unrequited love, while listening to Beauty and the Beast music (I know I’m weird).

I know it’s not new. I know it’s not original. I know it’s not even interesting, and that I shouldn’t be moping over it, and it will pass like every other frickin thought out there.

I just can’t help it.

I’ve tried not talking about it… didn’t work. I tried talking about it… didn’t work. I tried not seeing the person… didn’t work. I tried SEEING the person… guess what?

Nothing works.

I guess I should just wait to get over it, but it just sucks so bad at the moment, when I’m in the middle of it. I wish I could erase every moment I ever had with that person, and at the same time I want to cling to those memories until they’re the only thing I have left.

I know, I’m being very emo today. But it’s just that kind of day, y’know? One moment it’s sad, one moment it’s happy.

On to the happy half of this post.

There is a little stuffed animal perched under my chin, which cheers me slightly.

The other thing that keeps me from being more depressed is the fact that I did not lose a friend I thought I had. That had been giving me sorrow feels, but now I’m happy (sort of), cause it’s all better now.

So, as usual, my life is a mix of good and crappy… but isn’t everyone’s?


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