“because I knew you…”

My dad’s in town!!

As much as I laugh at myself for it, I still get excited when my dad comes to visit. Maybe its the fact that I so rarely have a male adult to talk to about crap, or maybe it’s the fact that he got me an iPhone 4… whatever it may be, I was still acting like a little kid, pacing the house before he arrived.

He, my brother and I went to see The Social Network (fun movie, btw), then he and I went shopping and I got this GREAT dress from a little place in the mall called So Kool (AWESOME store).

I am now at ze grandparents’ house, probably going out to eat with everyone later on. Oh! Also got a denim jacket with fish (icr what kind) painted on the back… very cool… it’s from Japan. =D Might post pics on Facebook later.

Anyway. Before dad came to pick me up, I was singing For Good from Wicked (one of the greatest songs ever by the way – go listen to it) and it just started me thinking about the way people affect us and how we affect people.

So many of the thoughtless things we do are done because we don’t carefully consider how other people will react and be affected.

Now, I’m not even going to get into my day and how I adversely affected other people with my possibly stupid decision (which turned out okay anyway), but let’s just say I should’ve gone with the Wiccan way of thinking – that is, to mentally go through the possible consequences of your decision, to yourself and to others.

Anyway. Always remember to think through your decisions. Is basically what I’m saying.

Writer’s group tomorrow!! I can’t wait to see what people thought about my short-short story. It was fun to write – I hope it was fun to read too.

I’m considering writing a story about my writing group. It’s like they’re a bunch of intriguing, funny, well-written characters – in real life! I love when that happens. ^_^

I’m hoping to go somewhere today. Maybe Deer Lakes. Just somewhere I can experience the world properly.

In closing to this hyper little blog post, walk barefoot today. That is all. Goodbye!


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